Office Bearers

Master                 Bro Robert Allan Stevenson PM

Depute Master      

Senior Warden      Bro Ian Travers

Junior Warden      Bro John Cowan PM

Secretary             Bro Desmond James McCrumm PM

Treasurer             Bro Allan Jenkins PM

D.O.C.                 Vacant

Chaplin                Bro Hugh Graham Barr Clark

Senior Decon       Bro George West

Junior Deacon     Bro George Nevay 

Inner Guard         Bro Alexander Moore

Jeweller               Bro Paul Laing

Architect              Bro John L. Maxwell P.M.

Director of Music  Bro J Wadely–Howey P.M

Bible Bearer          Bro George Paterson Turner

Sword Bearer       Vacant

Director of Music   Bro Jeffery W. Wadley Howey

Tyler                    Bro John Walker PM

There will be no Annual Installation this year 2019/2020 and all Office Bearers will retain their Offices for the following year, they will take an Obligation to this affect at the first Regular Meeting on the restart of the meetings 2020/2021.

And if this information has not changed by that time also for 2021/2022 it will be discussed at further time