Feb 3rd       Regular Meeting       Master Mason Degree by Lodge Clyde No 408 

Feb 17th      Regular Meeting      Provincial Grand Lodge Visit

March 2nd   Regular Meeting        Entered Apprentice Degree by Lodge Robert King Stewart No 919

March 16th  Regular Meeting       Fellowcraft Degree By Lodge Polmont No 793

April 1st      Visit                         Cancelled          

April 6th      Regular Meeting        Cancelled

April 20th    Regular Meeting        Cancelled

May 4th      Regular Meeting        Cancelled

May 18th   Regular Meeting        Cancelled

Summer Reccess

Sept 7th    Regular Meeting         Entered Apprentice Degree by Lodge Leven St John No 170

Sept 11th  Visit                          Entered Apprentice Degree Lodge Tower No 1523

Sept 14th                                  Lodge's Recommendation Committee Meeting

Sept 21st   Regular Meeting        Fellowcraft Degree by Lodge Knightswood No 1445

Oct 5th     Regular Meeting        Mark Master Mason Degree by Lodge Bothwell Brig No 1228

Oct 19th   Regular Meeting        Fellowcraft Degree by Lodge Caledonia St John Operative No 195

Nov 2nd   Rehearsal Meeting      Regular Meeting cancelled now rehearsal for Annual Installation

Nov 7th   Regular Meeting          Annual Installation 

Please note all Degrees and visiting Lodge may be subject to change