George A.L. McEwan

    George Alexander Lindsay McEwan


George Alexander Lindsay McEwan was born on the 18 Nov 1929, he laid down his working tools, hung up his apron, and ascended into the Grand Lodge above on the 28 April 2016, aged 86.

Bro McEwan was born in Glasgow he was the youngest of 5 children his eldest brother was 21 years His senior.

George served his apprenticeship as an electrical engineer and went to sea after his time was out, and served as 5th engineer, making his way up to 2nd engineer electrical, sailing around the China Sea.

He would later in life would return to the area with his wife Agnes on holiday a place he and Agnes enjoyed, and while there he learned the words of his song A slow boat to China.

 Brother George had 3 loves in his life, his family, his golf and the masons

George met Agnes in the Greens Playhouse dance hall in Glasgow, and together they raise Lindsay his son who became an officer in the Royal Navy and later a director in a business in the south of England. When Lindsay passed away George presented Lindsay's ceremonial sword to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow to be used as the ceremonial sword.

His daughter Lorraine went on to be a head teacher working in the Edinburgh area. George has 5 grand children.

His love of Golf was well known, both George and his wife Agnes became Captain of Gleddoch golf club, mens and ladies.

Agnes gave George's persona a right dunt when she received a kiss and a cuddle from Seve Ballesteros, George just got to shake his hand.

George Joined Lodge Concord 1341 on the 28 May 1953, passed 24 Feb 1955, and raised 19 March 1955 he received his M M M. Degree on 10 Oct 1958, the reasons for the time gaps George was at sea at the time.

George was elected master of the lodge in 1970-71, and again in 2009-2010.

He stated after his second term as master it was the hardest thing he had ever tackled. He knew what he wanted to say and do, but due to is medication, which was all over the place he could not achieve the quality of office he wished for, he had very high standards.

Brother McEwan was elected as Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow in 1994 this was when the tremors of his illness were starting to come out however with his medication he managed to disguise his illness he enjoyed being the Gaffer of the Glasgow masons, you should have seen his face when I said that to him, with a stern face he said “John” then gave a smile and laughed and said only a Glasgow man would say that  He said there are things I am sorry about and if I have offended anyone I am truly sorry, however what action I have taken in the name of the craft I have take only for the benefit of the craft and not for myself.

Our brother has laid down his working tools and hung up his working apron his work here on earth is now completed he is at piece.

He is for those who believe in god the most high with his beloved Agnes and his son Lindsay he has left behind his daughter Lorraine and her 3 children, Lindsay wife and two children our thoughts and prayers are with and the family at this time.

The lodge will miss him, Glasgow will miss him, the Craft will miss him.

Almighty father great architect of the universe we ask you to pour down on this assembly the continual due of thy heavenly blessing .

We ask you to give comfort and support to all who feel the loss of our brother and friend George and in your time assist them to smile once again.

so mote it be

(As given by Brother John Walker PM at Lodge Concord 1341, 18th April  2016)